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More than 1,200 vehicles ticketed as a result of seasonal parking ban

Posted by on 23/10/2018

EDMONTON – The city’s first seasonal parking ban of the winter has ended, with 1,278 tickets issued, 45 vehicle tows requested, and seven vehicles being towed to the impound lot.

The parking policy was proposed by city council earlier this fall. A ban will be declared on residential bus routes in the city after a large snowfall.

The ban went into effect at 7:00 on Friday morning, on residential bus routes.

Vehicles that were not moved by the time the ban was in effect were subject to a $50 ticket, and the possibility of towing if they were not moved by the time plows and sanders arrived.

“During this first round of enforcement, we targeted those areas of the city which most often cause problems for commuters, transit operators and emergency responders,” says Erin Blaine, Parking Enforcement Coordinator, By-Law Enforcement, Community Standards. “It is also important to note that the parking restrictions remain in effect for the duration of the ban; there is no parking permitted on residential bus routes until a notification lifting the ban has been issued by the City, which has now occurred.”

The seasonal parking ban officially ended at 7:00 pm on Sunday.

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“I want to thank the citizens who took the time to make alternate parking arrangements while our equipment was working on residential bus routes. We understand it was an inconvenience for those people, but their cooperation it really made a difference. The faster we can get the residential bus routes done, the more quickly we can lift the parking ban,” says Bob Dunford, Director of Roadway Maintenance, Transportation Services. “It is our goal to avoid the issues that arose last year over the build-up of snow on city streets, and citizens have to be committed to helping us achieve that result. It is in everyone’s best interests to keep roads in good winter driving condition.”

Residential blading on non-bus routes began Sunday, with blading trucks working to create a level snow pack.

“Although there is more snow on some neighbourhood roads than others, it’s important to keep that level down from the very beginning,” adds Dunford. “When we receive more snow, it will be much easier to maintain an even driving surface if the layers beneath are already packed down.”

The city has said that eight hours notice will be given before a seasonal parking ban is in effect.

You can sign up to be notified about seasonal parking bans by email.

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