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Victim’s mother “helpless” after charges stayed against son’s alleged attackers

Posted by on 23/08/2019

A Saskatchewan mother says she feels “helpless and hopeless” after the second degree murder charges against her son’s alleged attackers were stayed. 

The woman, who cannot be named because the victim and accused are minors, was disappointed after the decision by the prosecution.  

“I lost him and I’m down, and now it’s like I’m being kicked when I’m down,” she told Global News in an exclusive interview. “I’m losing him all over again.” 

The two teenagers were 15 and 16 at the time of the December 2010 incident on the 1100 block of Montague Street in Regina, when police responded to the report of a 16-year-old boy suffering serious injuries. 

“The Crown, on review of all the evidence, came to the conclusion there was no reasonable likelihood of conviction, and for that reason the Crown was required to stay the charges,” Crown Prosecutor Dana Brule told reporters outside the court house.  

Brule would not provide further details of the decision, but the victim’s mother says she was told the charges were stayed because the accused acted in self defence.  

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“It’s hard to say self defence when somebody is lying on the ground and you see it with your own eyes,” she said.  

The mother was preparing for a preliminary hearing this week for the teens.  

“I was so sure some justice would come out of this,” she said.  

With the one year anniversary of her son’s death only weeks away, she was hoping for some closure, but now she says that is not possible.  

“When a life is taken, there’s nothing left to replace,” she explained. “Just emptiness.” 

The teens were released on bail after a hearing in January, one where the mother spoke out against the fact they were back on the street. One of the teens was returned to custody soon after due to a series of breaches of his release. The Crown says it will be reviewed now that charges have been stayed, but it provides little comfort for the victim’s mother.  

“These kids, their parents will have them, and I’ll never have my son again,” she said. “Where’s the justice in that?” 

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